Couples Compatibility Biscuit Reading

Mother always said keep your savory and your sweet separate…Is she right?

Biscuit Compatibility

How do they get on?

Biscuit Compatibility.

How does a Sao get along with a Chocolate Royal? What happens behind closed doors when a Raspberry Tartlett and a Scotch Finger are alone?

Find out with an on-line Couples Compatibility Biscuit Reading with Betty Bircher.

How does it work?

Betty Bircher will record for you, your very own Couples Compatibility Biscuit Reading then post it onto You Tube. When you place your order through PayPal, you will have the option to:

a) Email Betty a photograph of yourself and of your partner (or Biscuit of Interest)


b) Use Facebook to send Betty a link to your Facebook pages.

What kind of photo/s must I submit?

Betty must have a clear, head and shoulders shot of you and your partner, either two separate photos or one of you both together. You must be photographed without sunglasses, with eyes visible, for a successful Couples Compatibility Biscuit Reading.

How much does it cost?

A Couples Compatibility Biscuit Reading includes a Single Biscuit Reading for each person, plus the Couples Compatibility Biscuit Reading. This costs $55.00 AUS (incl GST). By proceeding with payment, you are agreeing to our TERMS & CONDITIONS

Already had your Biscuit read and you’d like a Couples Compatibility Biscuit Reading?

If one person has already had his/her Biscuit read, you’ll only need one new reading and then a Couples Compatibility Biscuit Reading. So this costs $44.00 AUS (incl GST). By proceeding with payment, you are agreeing to our TERMS & CONDITIONS

If both people have already had his/her Biscuits read, you only need the Couples Compatibility Biscuit Reading. This costs $22.00 (incl GST). By proceeding with payment, you are agreeing to our TERMS & CONDITIONS

How soon will we have our Couples Compatibility Biscuit Reading?

Biscuit’s are read daily (Monday to Friday) between 10am and 3pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time). Bert & Betty have a snooze at 3pm, and after that & rounding up chickens & having tea, the day’s done! Maximum number of readings per day: 20.  You will have your reading within 24 hours (but allow up to 5 working days).

Try Booking Payment Approved Mon – Thurs (before 3pm) Mon – Thurs (after 3pm) Thurs (after 3pm) & Fri (before 3pm) Fri (after 3pm) & all weekend
When will my reading be on You Tube? 1-2 business days later 2-3 business days later Following Monday/Tuesday* Following Tuesday/Wednesday*

*Add extra day/s if public holiday/s occur.

Your personalised Youtube Couples Compatibility Biscuit Reading is publicly accessible. Please see our TERMS & CONDITIONS.

Biscuits on Facebook?

Once you’ve had your Biscuit read, Betty & Bert will pop a note through by email, requesting to befriend you on Facebook. Also, you can find Betty & Bert at and can tag yourself, as your Biscuit on Facebook.

The Biscuit Readings is Copyright and the intellectual property of Barking Spider Visual Theatre Inc.